Meet Paul

Improving your customers’ relationship and the profitability of your company

My story

My 35-year career as production and supply chain engineer and director at Runlite, Saluc, Cross Lazer, Galler and Lyreco has given me the opportunity to cover all aspects related to these two operational branches of any company. Now I have decided to become an entrepreneur to share my experience and transfer my knowledge to the younger ones.

Throughout my career I have also managed top customers’ relationship at operational level. This has allowed me to develop my ability to listen to customers and capture their expectations to improve their experience within the companies I have worked for. These experiences confirm to me that the customer must be the focal point of any company’s strategy.

Optimizing costs has also been my favorite topic. My sense of organization and my pragmatic aspect have always allowed me to reduce costs to develop the profitability of those companies.

My profile

  • Customer-oriented (internal and external), financial efficiency and results oriented by setting high standards
  • I am hands-on, supporting your teams, keeping theoretical presentations to a strict minimum. This allows me to better understand their expectations and concerns and therefore increase their buy-in
  • Structured and analytical, I use a pragmatic approach based on the analysis of facts and figures while keeping a practical common sense
  • I have always had a participative management style using dialogue to form an opinion. With the aim of breaking down the silos between the different hierarchical levels and departments

What makes me different

  • Internal and external customer satisfaction is my number one priority
  • Delivering results
  • Hands-on: learning by doing, convincing by coaching
  • The global analysis of costs reduction
  • My union sensitivity based on 20 years of practice
  • My adaptability to the audience

My achievements

  • Customers :
    • Managing the integration and improving the service level of top customers of the different companies I have worked for (BASF, European Commission, Honda, Logitech, Nike)
  • Organization and costs optimization:
    • Optimization of the Lyreco’s delivery process within Benelux achieving a 25% costs reduction In the Netherlands
    • Introduction of work shifts (Lyreco)
    • Lean management roll out (Lyreco)
  • Projects :
    • Implementation of subcontracted production at Cross Lazer to increase production capacity by 40%.
    • Launching the production line of medical plasters (Runlite)
    • Building the 32,000 m² Lyreco Benelux distribution center, including optimization of the location and receipt of permits and subsidies
  • Production and quality management:
    • Optimization of the trackballs’ production for the IT industry, which has made Saluc the world leader in its field
  • Inventory Management:
    • Improving product availability while reducing the financial risk related to dead stocks and initiating the S&OP process (Lyreco)